11-tone Panda Drum Songbook

11-tone Panda Drum Songbook

NEW Songbook?!

The great thing about the Panda Drum is that it doesn’t need a great amount of practice to sound amazing! On top of this, you won't have to worry about shipping with this songbook either. It's available digitally and sent straight to your email! What’s even better is the new songbook that we’ve rolled out with 20 new songs for you to be able to play!

A song for everyone!

We understand that different people prefer to learn in different ways and here at Panda Drum we’re all about inclusivity! That’s why our songbook is not only available for you to read but we’ve also added a QR Code that you can scan with your mobile phone that will direct you to video tutorials of all 20 songs in the songbook! So whether you’re an auditory learner or a visual learner, the Panda Drum makes a perfect fit for you.

A songbook for growth!

Since the Panda Drum is great for young ones, drumming can really help with the developmental aspect of growth in their early years. Now what better way for a child to learn other than following by example! See our songbooks aren’t just any regular songbooks, the video tutorials are clear and make it easy for anyone to follow along!

It's time to learn something new.

Now with everything going on with the pandemic, we’ve all had some extra time to stay at home with the family and a lot of people have taken advantage of learning something new! What really surprised us is the amount of people that were able to learn our current songbook that we had to create an all new songbook for you all! Now with the all new songbook, we’ve got more songs and more opportunities for the Panda Drum family to learn even more!

      Learning made simple!

With the all new songbook for your Panda Drums, playing new songs has never been easier and works really well with people of all ages. Included in each songbook are super clear instructions to follow and some helpful tips to help you along the way when playing. It’s time to find the perfect song for you and your Panda Drum!

It's time to get yours!

So you’ve finally decided that it’s time for a new songbook? We’re all for it! The new songbook is available for both sizes of the Panda Drum and easier than you think to learn and comes with some great information about your Panda Drum. Ready to bring peaceful and relaxing vibes to your home today?


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