How to play the Panda Drum

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How to play the Panda Drum

May 19, 2021 3 min read

How to play the Panda Drum

The combination of drumming and meditation is widely used all over the world for balance, healing and self-improvement. The main object during drumming meditation is the drum’s rhythm, the relaxing sound and the feeling in your hands as you strike the drum. 

Drumming offers a variety of benefits to all, especially with people who have special needs. Playing with the Panda Drum can relieve frustration and stress. In just a few minutes, it can boost your mood. It also requires a synchronicity between the brain's visual encoding and the body’s muscular coordination. A lot of research shows that it is indeed a fact that drummers are better able to control their motor functions, possess a higher level of dexterity. 

What’s interesting about the Panda Drum and what makes it different from other instruments?Each of our Panda Drums is handcrafted and tuned uniquely but despite its uniqueness, thePanda Drum is a perfect tongue drum for beginners. Anyone with or without music experience can easily and swiftly get along with it! From kids of all ages to individuals who are new and exploring the wonders of music, rhythm and sound. 

Panda Drum Different colours

With six different colors to choose from, thePanda Drum comes in two sizes, the8-Toneand the 11-ToneSets. The 8-Tone Drum measures 6.5” in diameter, weighs around 1.5 pound and is tuned to D-major. It is in a pentatonic scale, its sound is higher-pitched than the 11-tone. With its size and tune, this drum is a friendly and perfect set for a beginner.

On the other hand, the 11-Tone Drum is considerably larger than the 8-Tone drum. It measures 11.6” in diameter, weighs approximately 3 pounds and is tuned to C-major. It is in full scale and it has a deep, melodic sound. Though this drum may take a little more time and practice to discover its exceptional music abilities, all the attention and effort will be worth it in the end.

Every drum will be shipped with:

  • 2 Bamboo Mallets
  • Carrying Bag
  • 4 Fingers Pads
  • A Tutorial Book (13 songs included)

If you are concerned on how to play the Panda Drum, there’s no need to worry as the drum is an easy-to-play instrument and will not require any special skills to learn and play. 

Within the package is a Tutorial Book with instructions on how to play it. The songbook also consists of 13 different songs withPanda Drum music sheets for beginners to guide you to determine and familiarize the number to each corresponding note -- it is just a case of following the numbers in the songbook to be able to play a tune. Also included in the songbook are QR codes that you can scan via your smartphone camera that will direct you to a link of video tutorials on how to play each song in the songbook.

Panda Drum Songbook

Straight out of the box, you can either play with the drum using the included bamboo mallets or hands to quickly produce beautiful and soothing sounds. There is no right or wrong when playing with the Panda Drum, it is highly encouraged to be as creative as possible!

We know that playing the same song over and over again can be boring. If you’re already an expert, why settle for less? To avoid that, we make sure to update thePanda Drum Songs in our songbook from time to time.

Can the Panda Drum also go out of tune? Of course not! Not only is it a very easy to play instrument, but the drums are hand-built with high quality and thick steel. The quality and thickness of the alloy used in the manufacturing process, combined with the heat treatment following tuning, assures very stable tuning! Hence, it is guaranteed that your Panda Drum will not go out of tune and there is no need to re-tune it, even after many years of use!

The Panda Drum is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and almost all parts of the world. Yes, we want everyone to discover, relax and enjoy the gentle and calming experience of the Panda Drum. And the best part, we ship WORLDWIDE for FREE!

Panda Drum kit

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